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Action Steps to Reach Goals

Learn the facts about these mines and how Michigan’s Legislature, and people like you and I, can prevent this devastation. There are a few powerful steps:

1-    Enact a “Prove it First Law” that mandates a mining company first proves a sulfide minerals mine has operated in a similarly watery environment for 10 years, and been ‘reclaimed’ (closed) for 10 years, and still has not polluted.

If the mining industry can ever prove it first, then Michigan may consider granting permits for mining. So far, no mining practices or technology have ever been successful in preventing the Acid Mine Drainage caused by 100% of mines in sulfide ore bodies. Their greenwashing and propaganda to date has all been deceptive. Don’t let them experiment here. Mandate they prove mining methods do not pollute first, before applying for permits here.

2-    Enact the “Polluter Pays” laws. 

In November 2023 Michigan legislators in both the House and Senate proposed 6 bills each to mandate the “Polluter Pays” for their own pollution in Michigan. These bills did not pass in November. Already there are over 24,000 toxic sites in Michigan, with nobody responsible to, and no money to clean them up. We do not need any more massively toxic pollution in “Pure” Michigan. If Michigan enacts the Polluter Pays laws, sulfide mining would be cost-prohibitive here, because they know their mines pollute forever.

3-    Michigan needs to enact “Polluter Pays” mandates in MI Law Part 632.

Michigan’s mining law “Part 632” governs mining. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) calls mining our country’s most toxic industry. At the very least, “Pure Michigan” must keep at least our waters protected from the most toxic U.S. industrial pollution.

4-     Prohibit the “upstream” type tailings dam construction in Michigan Law Part 632.

This is the type of earthen (no steel or concrete support structure) mining tailings dam that fails most often, worldwide. This “upstream” construction has already been outlawed in 5 other countries for repeated, catastrophic failures!

5-    Take Acton.

YOU can help too. Visit the “Take Action” section of our website. Periodically there will be Take Action posts to tell pivotal legislators and/or regulators, what we want. There will be prewritten messages, preaddressed to the correct recipients, that all you need to do is fill in your information the legislators require, then click “send”. It’s so easy and so powerful.  Mining investors know grassroots, sovereign Tribes, and national groups HAVE prevented their proposed mines, hence their return on investments. Investors in mining companies do not want to lose their money.  Investors know that if people in the community actively oppose the proposed mine, it is unlikely it can get permitted, and operate long enough to be profitable. 

6-    Sign up to be alerted when there are Take Action opportunities and updates, activities & events you can help with.

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Join our growing community of people and organizations opposing sulfide mining where water flows into the Great Lakes by keeping informed.

8-    Contact us to Volunteer any skills you have: marketing, graphics/design, art, social media, sales, fundraising, public speaking, legislative knowledge/contacts, research, accounting, law, etc.

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