John Hoier "Shaman Juan" Releases "River Song" for the Menominee River
John Hoier “Shaman Juan” Releases “River Song” for the Menominee River

Shaman Juan’s latest release is an ode to the Menominee River called “River
Song”. This song is a plea to save the river from mining interests, with all proceeds
going to the Coalition to Save the Menominee River, an organization that aids in
local environmental conservation. “River Song” was recorded, mixed, and
mastered by Shaman Juan’s son, artist and multi-instrumentalist Frankie Sunswept
with vocals by special guest Kimberly Haven.

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Shaman Juan got his start playing in local high
school rock and roll bands around the Elkhart Lake area. At 16 years old, his first
recording session was at Chess Records in 1964, home of acclaimed artists such
as Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, The Rolling Stones, and Willie Dixon. He had several
hits in the 70s with The Messengers while signed to Motown Records. Their single
“That’s The Way A Woman Is”, which he co-wrote, was a number 1 hit in Japan in

Upon relocating to Los Angeles in 1977 to begin work as an audio engineer,
he briefly worked with the original cast of Saturday Night Live at The Kentucky
Fried Theatre. In 1979, he appeared on “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson
and won the singing dog contest by performing a harmonica duet with his dog

As a studio designer, owner, and operator in LA, he worked shoulder to
shoulder with some of LA’s greatest artists from 1979-1989. Some notable artists
include John Mayall, Jim Keltner, Holland-Dozier-Holland, Guns and Roses, Flo and
Eddie, and the Care Bears. He retired from Warner Brothers as Senior Motion
Picture Audio Editor in 2007.

As a solo artist, Shaman Juan has released 3 albums:

  • Mysterious Force (2011)
  • Soothsayer (2014)
  • Blabbermouth (2016)

“Soothsayer” reached number 7 on Relix Magazine Radio charts. These 3 albums feature none other than legendary funky drummer Clyde Stubblefield, as well as backing from members of local WI band Bowser.

Shaman Juan’s 55 year career as an artist and songwriter is capped by his
most recent work “River Song”, an homage to the folk song era of his youth and a
statement of support for the preservation of the natural beauty of his current
home in Menominee, MI. He is proud to join forces with the Coalition to Save the
Menominee River, and to work together to protect their local river and the
ecological diversity that depends on it.

Video and Film by Doug Osman. Music by Shaman Juan.

You need to know that 100% of “sulfide” mineral mines pollute water. The U.S. EPA says mining is our most toxic industry. A proposed gold mine here in Michigan’s “massive sulfide ore body” would pollute water in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Great Lake Michigan. YOU really can help prevent this! This video shows much of what we have to protect (or lose).

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