Thanks to the Turtle Lodge is sharing this original song for Nibi – the Water. The song was gifted to the Turtle Lodge by Zoongi Gabowi Ozawa Kinew Ikwe (Strong Standing Golden Eagle Woman), Anishnabe Nation, Crane Clan (Ojijak), who received the song in a dream. It is for all to learn and please share widely.


Wayaa hay-yaa away ya hay-yaa yo, way-haa way-ay-yaa-yo. Wayhaa way-ay-yaa-yo!

Miigwech, Manitou! (Thank you, Great Spirit!)
Wayaa way-ay-haa-yo wayaa way-ay-haa-yo

Miigwech Ikwe! (Thank you, Woman!)
Mee-ay Nibi Kinagajitoyan! (Who takes care of the Water!)

Miigwech Benesiak! (Thank you, Thunderbirds!)
Wayaa way-ay-aa-yo wayaa way-ay-haa-yo

Miigwech Nokomis! (Thank you Grandmother Moon!)
Wayaa way-ay-yaa-yo wayaa way-ay-haa-yo

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