Hi Friends, This is such an important step in preventing the proposed “Massive Sulfide Ore” body mining here.  Massive Sulfide means the ore holding their target minerals contains massive amounts of sulfide, which naturally becomes sulfuric acid when exposed to air & water, which obviously happens when mined. Please forward this to everyone you know in Michigan.

All you have to do is click on the link, enter your name and address in the boxes, & hit send. It’s SO easy (& free to do).

Brief bill descriptions are below:

SB 605 (Irwin) HB 5247 (Koleszar) will give EGLE and the public more information about cleanups and polluted sites.

SB 606 (Moss) HB 5242 (Morgan) will require polluters to pay for land and water to be restored to usable condition as much as technically feasible, so that restricting access to polluted areas does not substitute for cleanup. 

SB 607 (Chang) HB 5245 (Arbit) will enable EGLE to set cleanup criteria without easily blocked APA rulemaking.

SB 608 (Geiss) HB 5246 (Tsernoglou) will require businesses with large amounts of potentially polluting materials to post up-front financial assurance to cover any-cleanup. 

SB 609 (McCann) HB 5243 (Neeley) will empower the state to bring claims on behalf of the public to cover cleanup costs and damage to natural resources due to contaminants like PFAS not known to be harmful at the time the limitation period expired for other contaminants.

SB 610 (Shink) HB 5241 (McKinney) will enable people exposed to hazardous substances to bring a claim against the polluter to cover the costs of medical monitoring needed to detect a condition linked to the exposure.

SB 611 (McMorrow) HB 5244 (Skaggs) will set a fairer clock for people harmed by pollution to access justice through the courts, starting the limitation period when the person discovers the claim. 

Urge Your MI Lawmaker to Hold Polluters Accountable


You can personalize your message by clicking in their message box, and typing or pasting something in.  I added:  Mining in sulfide ore (gold, silver, copper, zinc, etc.) guarantees severe pollution, 100% of every global sulfide-bound minerals mines has polluted. If permitted to operate & mine, the proposed Back Forty mine WILL pollute the Menominee River & on into Lake Michigan, into which it flows. These Polluter Pay laws will at least take the Millions of dollars for such a vast & toxic clean-up off the backs of us tax payers, and our children.  Please support these bills.  You don’t want to be responsible for this ruin, if preventing it is this easy for you.

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